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What is respite care and how can this benefit you?

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If you provide care for a family member, friend or neighbour there may be times when a break is required. It can be difficult for carers to often admit that they need additional support or tell others they may need some time off to take a holiday and relax from the pressures that personal care can bring.

We know that caring for an individual is never a nine to five job and the day to day routine of early mornings, late nights and long hours can eventually lead to tiredness and even extreme exhaustion.

We recommend that carers always remember to when possible, take a short break to look after their own health care and wellbeing. For example, it may be that regular replacement overnight care is required so they can catch up on their sleep. Getting plenty of rest will ensure they are ready for the day ahead. Caregivers must remember they cannot do the job alone, it’s impossible.

Westwood Care and Support provide bespoke care packages to meet individual requirements. Our personal assistants are professional, friendly and highly skilled in respite, home care and elderly care services. They give piece of mind that the individual will be well taken care of at all times.

There can be many benefits to respite care for all parties involved. Social interaction with different people can be very beneficial. After spending the majority of one’s time with the same carer, a short break can be a good opportunity to speak to new people.

Our respite care services can also provide invaluable support to a carer, when the person they care for requires increased assistance after an operation or a visit to hospital. This can take away some of the pressure and stress that these medical appointments can bring.

Different types of help include sitting with the person they care for and keeping them company, preparing meals, helping them to get up, washed and dressed.  Our personal assistants can also provide social activities, such as taking the person shopping or completing other domestic duties when required.

Finally, make sure anyone who takes over has all the information they need to look after the individual. This may include what they like to eat and at what time, as well as more complex information about medication. Always leave a list of contact numbers in case of an emergency. This should include the main carers numbers, nearby family members, friends and their local doctor.

We are Westwood Care and Support based in Hull. Our professional care packages are designed to achieve positive outcomes for everyone. So, if you have a question about any of our home care services, then give us a call on 01482 629 506 or visit our website for more information.